Starbase MUM: Lost in Space

Project MUM 2014

June 7 2014
8pm - 11pm
Suggested Donation $10

After a year long mission in the far reaches of outer space, the Interstellar Starship MUM began its long journey back home to McGrath. Our intrepid spacetronauts were looking forward to the homecoming Project MUM Party that always marks their return...however the MUM crew ran into some trouble when our chief engineer realized the Infinite Improbability Drive was busted! The daring team found themselves near the Charles Nebula by the Cambridge system. Opening all hailing channels they learned that the Fleet Commander of Cambridge system had heard tales of Interstellar Starship MUM and it’s crew’s various adventures! The MUM team found themselves welcomed with joy and were advised to plot a trajectory to land at an interstellar trading post in a celebration dubbed The Cambridge River Festival. The crew of Interstellar Starship MUM invites you to join them in celebrating art, music, dance at the Cambridge River Festival at STARBASE MUM.

STARBASE MUM 2014 will be held at University Park Commons in Cambridge, near Central Square on Sidney Street.

Please be kind to our neighbors: use public transportation, bicycle or walk as much as possible! The Central Square Redline stop is just a short walk away.

Project MUM is a Leave No Trace Event. Thank you for your help in leaving the neighborhood better than you found it!


8:00pm - 9:00pm Buttnekked Wonder

9:00pm - 10:00pm DJ Pussywillow

10:00pm - 11:00pm cosinezero

Sound: Sonic Beating

Special thanks to:

Project MUM 2014 Producers

Sadiya Akasha

Nathan Lachenmyer


Seth Seligman