About Project MUM

Our Mission

The MUM producers are passionate about reclaiming underutilized public spaces to create free, outdoor events for the public. MUM events connect local businesses, residents, and artists together to celebrate art and community.

Our story

Project MUM, a Somerville-born outdoor dance party was created with support from the Somerville Arts Council. Local artists and performers collaborate to create it year after year, free to the public. This beloved dance party began in 2006 under the direction of Nave Gallery in Somerville. It ran annually under McGrath Highway for several years, followed by a brief retirement in earth year 2011.

In 2012, Project MUM piqued the interest of a small team of producers and artists based in Somerville and Cambridge. After some healthy wrangling efforts, Project MUM rebirthed under McGrath highway with spaceships and laser displays galore. It received such positive feedback from the community that the new MUM team was inspired to return year after to year.

Thank you

If you’re a regular attendee of MUM events, the MUM team appreciates your support! We look forward to sharing magical public spaces with you in the near future.