STARBASE MUM 2014 will be held at University Park Commons in Cambridge, near Central Square on Sidney Street.

Please be kind to our neighbors: use public transportation, bicycle or walk as much as possible! The Central Square Redline stop is just a short walk away.

Project MUM is a Leave No Trace Event. Thank you for your help in leaving the neighborhood better than you found it!

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The MUM team knows: our success is thanks to your participation! We welcome costumes, props and dance moves inspired by our theme. Too busy to get all dolled up? Just wear your dancing shoes and come boogie.


STARBASE MUM is a collaboration with the Firefly Arts Collective. If you are interested in sharing your art/skill/time with the community, check out our call for participation and be part of our space shenanigans.

Leave No Trace

MUM is a Leave No Trace event: please help keep the event space tidy! We will have garbage and recycling receptacles on site that we will carry off at the end of the night. Please be kind to our neighbors, help take care of our streets, so that we can continue to bring you more MUM year after year.

Support MUM!

Thank you for your contribution – every little bit helps make Project MUM possible!


Want to participate in ways more than just dance? Have that special skill you’d like to share with our community of incredible movers and shakers? Contact us!


STARBASE MUM: Lost in Space

After a year long mission in the far reaches of outer space, the Interstellar Starship MUM began its long journey back home to McGrath. Our intrepid spacetronauts were looking forward to the homecoming Project MUM Party that always marks their return...however the MUM crew ran into some trouble when our chief engineer realized the Infinite Improbability Drive was busted! The daring team found themselves near the Charles Nebula by the Cambridge system. Opening all hailing channels they learned that the Fleet Commander of Cambridge system had heard tales of Interstellar Starship MUM and it’s crew’s various adventures! The MUM team found themselves welcomed with joy and were advised to plot a trajectory to land at an interstellar trading post in a celebration dubbed The Cambridge River Festival. The crew of Interstellar Starship MUM invites you to join them in celebrating art, music, dance at the Cambridge River Festival at STARBASE MUM.

STARBASE MUM is made Possible By:


8-9pm: Buttnekked Wonder (Music Sample, More Music)
When the mothership first descended, it brought pure funk to the people of Earth. And it was good. And the people danced. Its joy was spread far and wide and laid roots across the planet to bloom for the future generations of mankind. One such root made its way to New England and brought with it the BUTTNEKKED WONDER. The influences are too many to list, but you can feel the love, the bounce, the relentless funk spanning across the ages as you listen to his mixes and find yourself needing to dance. So dance my friends, dance!

9-10pm: DJ Pussywillow (gnomefatty kollektiv / circle / radical faeries)
Grounded in house music, incorporating tribal, world beat, hip hop, bounce, techno, and spoken word, DJ Pussywillow will travel to the edges of the musical universe in his unending mission to spread joy and bounce booties. Expect much bass - and a few trout!

10-11pm: cosinezero (Google+, Facebook)
Selecting from a varied collection of electronica and broken beats, cosinezero brings a dark futurist and retro feel to the finest dancefloors around. As an avid dancer, cosine is in touch with the dancefloor's needs, and delivers intense energy and entertainment. Frequently found dancing in clubs, few djs understand and appreciate what is necessary to put the floor into motion as much as he does.

Sound: Sonic Beating


Angry Poodle Stomach by Michael DeLisle
BenderBot by Blake Courtney
Eye Candy by Video Bleep
The Galaxy by Doug Ruuska
Paper CrossPLAY by Sadiya Sheeba
Photography by Keith Simmons
Timelapse by Pretzel
Waterfell Star String by Courtney Jane Brown


Volunteer Coordinator: Kathleen VirgoQueen


Sadiya Sheeba
Nathan Lachenmyer
Seth Seligman


Our mission

The MUM producers are passionate about reclaiming underutilized public spaces to create free, outdoor events for the public. MUM events connect local businesses, residents, and artists together to celebrate art and community.

Our story

Project MUM, a Somerville-born outdoor dance party was created with support from the Somerville Arts Council. Local artists and performers collaborate to create it year after year, free to the public. This beloved dance party began in 2006 under the direction of Nave Gallery in Somerville. It ran annually under McGrath Highway for several years, followed by a brief retirement in earth year 2011. In 2012, Project MUM piqued the interest of a small team of producers and artists based in Somerville and Cambridge. After some healthy wrangling efforts, Project MUM rebirthed under McGrath highway with spaceships and laser displays galore. It received such positive feedback from the community that the new MUM team was inspired to return year after to year.

Thank you

If you’re a regular attendee of MUM events, the MUM team appreciates your support! We look forward to sharing magical public spaces with you in the near future.

Past Projects

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