Project MUM 2012

MUM is Back!

Members of SCUL, Somerville's long-term friendly chopper bicycle nerd gang, will be collaborating with the Somerville Arts Council to present you this ArtsUnion event. Working with local artists and performers in the Greater Somerville area, we are excited to present you the 2012 edition of this well-loved outdoor dance party: Meet Under McGrath.

We cordially invite you to this fabulous dance party made possible by local talents. Join us outdoors, rain or shine, under McGrath Highway for a night of fun!

Party Theme

This year's theme will be: SPACE. We welcome costumes and props related to planets, stars, astronauts, rockets, spaceships, robots, aliens and more! Too busy to get all dressed up? Just wear your dancing shoes and come boogie.

Contributing Artists

VJs: Jon Bonk
DJs: Simex, cosinezero (soundcloud; jiveboston), FiG [Tight Crew, Funky Communications] (soundcloud), Keith Mattar (soundcloud)
Sound & Lights: Sonic Beating
Scenic Layout: Pecan
Visual Art Installations: Dewb, Jon Bonk, Megaseth
Movement Arts: Boston Hoop Troop

Planning Crew

Jon Bonk, Megaseth, Pecan, Sadiya, Sonic Beating, y.t.

Special Thanks

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